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Boston Does Boston XI

Leika Akiyama
Venetia Dale
Joshua Hart
Carol Keller
Carol McMahon
Marilyn Ranker

February 3 - March 17, 2018
Opening Reception Saturday, February 3 from 6-8pm

  “It is hard living down the tempers we are born with. “

A little wayward, hunting for solid, massive and whole birth-death such emotions, also hope, gratitude, decisions and definition in the smallest of ways. The skeleton encases the heart and is wrapped in flesh, because what else is there. Thinking about how shadows fall across a form, an engagement with shapes and structures that somehow reflect a struggle, a Give.

This year, in our eleventh Boston Does Boston, six artists sense an equilibrium of wills - a latent restlessness. (A document) a picture (the picture?)  Finally, an image on the verge - something alert- work toward it.

The first part is a quote from an amazing book (Gertrude Stein The Making of Americans). Possibly the best first two paragraphs of any novel written in English, ever.

Organized by Audrina Bell Warren

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