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Judith Leemann :: arvensis

September 23rd - November 4th, 2017
Opening Reception Saturday, September 23rd from 6-8pm

arvensis (of the field)

Being inside form is effortless.”

Eduardo Kohn, How Forests Think

How to trouble the effortless being-inside? Working texts and images into and against one another, making objects to find what is impossible in thought, inking paper to trouble what comes too easily to mind. Proceeding by analogy, a laddering of relation, a studied cultivation of difference. Tending to all that lives by the logic of turning, stubbornly insisting on representing the hand that grounds the turning. Seeds and seating, cutting open, bringing home.

Judith Leemann, 2017

Proof Gallery is very pleased to present arvensis, an exhibition of new works by Judith Leemann.  The forms and images that Leemann presents in arvensis urge us to consider the ways in which imagination: social and personal, is formal and systemic.  Looking backward, mending, and turning insistently, are gestures that sustain hope for movement, progress, incremental shifts. Her consideration of tools and hands and the tools at hand digs at old binaries and points to ways in which we can unmask the new as familiar.

Judith Leemann is an artist, educator and writer who lives and works in the Boston area.  She has exhibited work at A+D Gallery at Columbia College in Chicago, the Soap Factory in Minneapolis and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.  She has participated in artist residencies at the Design Studio for Social Intervention, Senselab and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  She is an Associate Professor of Fine Arts 3D/Fibers at the Massachusetts College of Art.

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