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Current Exhibition

Deep in the Dream


AJ Liberto

Dave Olsen

Michael Zachary

Curated by Stephanie Dvareckas

May 20 - June 17, 2017
Opening Reception Saturday, May 20 from 6-8pm

Artists and curators have long utilized mysticism, its symbolism and its theories to create popular art and celebrated exhibitions. Early influencers of Dadaism, including Kandinsky who wrote Concerning the Spiritual in Art, were reported to have been deeply influenced by occult principles and rituals their careers. Marcel Duchamp permeated his work with occultist symbolism.

Deep in the Dream considers art influenced by occult traditions and addresses the paradoxical relationship between the material and immaterial worlds. The exhibition concerns the potential for achieving alternate modes of consciousness through art experiences, while considering both art and the exhibition space as transformational tools lending the viewer the ability to abandon consciousness in order to achieve a measure of transcendence. Consisting of work designed to express the idea that one is able to access concealed metaphysical space, the exhibition provides the viewer with the ability to access inner knowledge and unfiltered perception.


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