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Worlds Within Worlds


March 5 - April 16, 2016
Opening Reception Saturday, March 5 from 6-8pm

Proof Gallery is thrilled to present Worlds Within Worlds an exhibition which operates on the premise that the present moment is a world unto itself, bookended by the infinite moments that have come before and those that will follow. Through objects, environments, photographs and performances Trevor Powers, Faith Johnson and Phil Fryer position audience or viewer as participant - to co-create shared experiences, and by extension worlds.

Trevor Powers depicts a conversation between domestic and wild nature through black and white photographs of dog holes. His delicate images create portals into a secret language; canines alter their environments and leave a legible imprint. Powers documents the end result of these interactions, capturing these impermanent and fleeting worlds.

The performance work of Philip Fryer opens a portal to the expanse of his internal worlds. His work is intuitive and time based and leaves physical evidence of his poetic actions. He will be creating 2 new performances for this exhibit: Wave (one) and Wave (two) which will performed at the opening reception and on the last day of the exhibit. He will also exhibit physical remnants of the performance.

Faith Johnson's work unfolds into the world of the communal through her interactive installations that navigate a collective dream space. She will be exhibiting the body of work Objects for Remembering - an installation that will be activated through facilitated interaction with participants at the opening reception and on the last day of the exhibit. Both the installation and the actions create doorways into collectively envisioning and co-creating the worlds we wish to dream into being.

Worlds Within Worlds is collectively organized by Phil Fryer, Faith Johnson and Trevor Powers.

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