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Vincent COMO

Black Mass

From: January 23, 2010 - February 27, 2010
Artists' Reception: Saturday January 23, 6-8pm

Proof Gallery is thrilled to present Black Mass the Boston solo debut of Vincent Como. The title of the exhibition is deliberately double in its meaning - referencing the physicality of the objects in the exhibition and the suggestion of arcane rituals. Every work in the show is an all-black mass and in their totality are meant to explore the transformative potential of matter and consciousness; darkness is the conduit. The exhibit flirts with an occult vernacular in a pop manner but the artistís investigation of his subject is conceptual and poetic.

The sculpture 4.5 Cubic Inches (Volume of the Inside of My Head) is a cast block of Sumi ink which literally corresponds to the physical space occupied by the artistís brain. As an object, it makes reference to the physical manifestation of conscious thought removed and displayed for observation. Blackspace is an editioned painting which was inspired by Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and friend to Ad Reinhardt, who once expressed a desire to have one of the artist's Black Paintings in his cell at the Monastery as an aid to meditation. A full-size pine coffin is stained with Perylene Green-Black, the same industrial pigment used to shield the Stealth Bomber from radar suggests the object as vehicle for a secret, sacred journey.

Vincent Como lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has had solo exhibitions at VONZWECK and Western Exhibitions in Chicago, IL and PS 122 in New York and exhibited widely nationally and internationally. He has been an artist-in-residence at Anchor Graphics and Cliff Dwellers in Chicago. He is the co-Founder and Director of Horse Trader Gallery in Brooklyn NY.

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